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The purpose of this tool is for you to create a variation-tree of chessmoves. In every position you have decided for one favorite move and you have an answer ready for the major replies of your opponents. This may look like this:

A variation tree can be simple like this or complex with many thousands favorite-moves.

Another purpose of this tool is to make you remember the favorite moves. You select a treenode and quiz yourself for this and its successor-treenodes. A 5 minutes repetition of your preparation before a chessgame or tournament could be a good investment.

A third purpose of this tool is to save your preparation online and let you access it from anywhere via an internet browser. Your preparation is a living thing so it should be easily edited based on your playing experience and opening studies.

A fourth purpose of this tool is to provide you with inspiration from a lot of chessgames. There is various positiondatabases to choose from. Databases are grouped by rating to match your profile

The work loop