The properties of a move and how to edit it

The main thing to understand is the properties of a move. It is visualised on the board like this

The move shown by the dashed line has two properties. A star indicates that this move is a favorite move that is part of your preparation. A bell indicates that this move is considered "difficult to remember" or "critical". Its used in the quiz section to filter the moves.

To edit the properties of a move like this

You hover the mouse over the start-square of the move and a green button appears.

If you click the button a popup will show you the current settings of the move

If you toggle the button with a star it will become a favorite move.

It is now shown on the board like this

Data structure

Your favorite markings are saved to one specific preparation and one specific side of the board. The relations are as shown in this tree.

A user can have many preparations. A preparation has a white and a black side. Both these sides can have many favorite markings. Navigation of this structure is done in the static box at the upper left corner of the view.

There are 3 main views of the tool. They are different views of your currently selected preparation and side to move.

The Database View

In this view there is 6 databases to choose from. Each with different player strength. For example the database labeled "rating 2200+" consists of 947.265 games played by players with over 2200 in elo rating. In the moveoptions table is shown what information the database has about the current position on the board.

You enter moves by clicking a row in the moveoptions table or drag and drop a piece directly on the board. The move properties of the moves are edited as described at the beginning of this page.

The Favorites View

This is where you can see what you actually have entered of favorite moves and get a top-down overview of it all. The navigation in the table is both keyboard (arrow keys) and mouse based. You can still enter new favorite moves directly by drag and drop pieces on the board.

The Quiz View

Here you can make a runthrough of all your favorites and try to remember most of them. The board is ready with a position that has occured just before one of your favorite moves. You make an answer by drag and dropping a move on the board. If it is one of your marked favoritemoves, you are forwarded to the next question. Some statistics are collected on the left side. If you find a move difficult you can mark it with a bell by editing it on the board as described at the beginning of this page. A second runthrough with bell-moves only could be an efficient way to learn those tricky ones.