The Demo Data

This is a description of the demodata that is optionally included at startup. All names and descriptions are fictional.


If you click the Preparation settings button in the top left box you will find the following preparations available

Create a general opening preparation

To make a general preparation with the white pieces you make one favorite choice when its your move and create an answer to the most likely and best moves that your opponent could choose. If you use the positiondatabase you may find moves that will surprise your opponent. To make a general preparation with the black pieces it is the same procedure with the button "I play the black pieces" toggled. The pieces of your side of the board are placed at the bottom of the screen.

Create a targeted opening preparation

If you know a variant that your opponent have played before you can enter it and start favoring response moves. This will create a move-tree in the "Favorites View" with a long initial line and a variant explosion at the end. You could do the preparation long time before your chess game and just right before the game do a Quiz-runthrough to refresh your memory.